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Jiroft Inscription Oldest Evidence of Written Language

Shows the Jiroft Ziggurat 3,000BC

Jiroft Ziggurat 2,300BC.

Ziggurat of Jiroft is Bigger and older than Ziggurat of UR in Mesopotamia .
The Ziggurat of Ur built 2100BC by Aratta Civilization which is the Jiroft civilization. The historians believed that the Jiroft civilization is Aratta Civilization which there were so rich and they had the best architects in ancient world.

Compers the great Pyramid of Egypt to Great Ziggurat of Jiroft

the great work from jiroft 3,000BC

Jiroft civilization is the only civilization that made objects half human, half snake/scorpion. This half human/half scorpion was part of the Jiroft Game (3,000BC)!

The great work from Jiroft, Eagel (3000BC)