Inventions and Foundations

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17,000 years pictures from Dushe cave near Lourestan first oldest evidence of horse riding and taming animals

The objects from more than 10,000 years ago (the picture was taken from jamejamshis website)

Invention of Battery (2,200 years ago)

First human right by cyrus the Great King of the Persia

The oldest brain surgery found at Burnt City (5,000 years ago)

4,800 years old artificial eyeball discovered in Burnt City

Maths Rull ( Radikal 2 3700 years ago)

(the picture was taken from jamejamshid website)

chanel of suez made by Darius the Great King of the Persia

(the picture was taken from jamejamshid website)

Found at Jiroft the Mobile dull (5,000 years ago)

· Invention of Tar, that led to the development of the guitar in Susa (4000 years ago)

The world first Dice (Burnt City 5,000 years ago)

Worshiping a God 4,000 years ago in Susa

Shah Name (the book of kings) written by Firdusi refers to many Demons. Discovered in Jiroft

the world first Measurement and also was a hair brush (Burnt city 5,000 years ago)

· Invention of Wine. Discovery made by University of Pennsylvania ( found in Haji Firoz tape belongs to 7000 years ago)

The Gold necklace 3,000 years old Persian Time.
Signs of Nazis the originally was sign of the Aryan race. The archaeologists found the oldest one in Iran this sign was on 7,000 years pottery

The world’s oldest metal flag published date back to the 5,000 years ago. Discovered In Kerman (Shahdad)
A figure of a perching eagle has been fixed to the top of the flagpole and the flag bears engravings of a seated goddess of rain with a woman standing behind her.

Three women and a rectangular garden with two palm trees are also engraved on the lower right side of the flag while another palm tree is engraved below the standing woman’s feet on the lower left side. Figures of two lions are on the two sides and a cow with long horns is seen in the middle.

An image of the sun in the form of a flower can be seen between the goddess and the three women, and two swirling motifs representing flowing water surround all the figures on the top and bottom.