Darius the Great

The picture above Shows the first united state of Persia. All countries hand to hand and all the 30 nations belived to be the Persian (this picture was taken from jamejamshid site)

The real picture from Naghshe-Rustam in Persepolis same descriptions in top

Each columns of Persepolis carries a 5 ton head of eagle/lion, human/bull, lion and bull

The lion

The Human/Bull

Each columns in Persepolis is 22 Meter height

Some Perepolis columns

The king darius in his theron

Persian cloths. Description is written below.

Picture above shows the persian cloths, shoes, trousers and clourful dresses. persian were the first nation to invent trousers, shoes and beautiful cloths

this photo shows the different nations from all over the world were so happy and lived together in peace for 200 years (in Persepolis)

This picture shows the Persian new year. The bull is the symble of past year and lion is new year

Home. From Tiger to Cat

From Tiger to Cat

The Tiger: Achaemenid Dynasty; 550-330BCE

Parthian Dynasty; 247BCE-CE224

Sasanid Dynasty; CE224-640

Safavid Dynasty: 1722

Ghajar Dynasty: 1900

The Cat: Modern Iran

Iranian nations


The Ziggurat of Chogha zanbil best known ziggurat built 1,300BC

The Ziggurat of Chogha zanbil best known ziggurat built 1,300BC

Bak. Persepolis .Persian(in progress)


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Jiroft Inscription Oldest Evidence of Written Language

Shows the Jiroft Ziggurat 3,000BC

Jiroft Ziggurat 2,300BC.

Ziggurat of Jiroft is Bigger and older than Ziggurat of UR in Mesopotamia .
The Ziggurat of Ur built 2100BC by Aratta Civilization which is the Jiroft civilization. The historians believed that the Jiroft civilization is Aratta Civilization which there were so rich and they had the best architects in ancient world.

Compers the great Pyramid of Egypt to Great Ziggurat of Jiroft

the great work from jiroft 3,000BC

Jiroft civilization is the only civilization that made objects half human, half snake/scorpion. This half human/half scorpion was part of the Jiroft Game (3,000BC)!

The great work from Jiroft, Eagel (3000BC)

Burnt City

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A Women in Burnt City

Burnt City 3,200BC

Burnt City 3,200BC

The world oldest Backgammon 3,000BC

Stamp 3,000BC

Fabric Burnt City 3,000BC

The world first Animation 3,000 BC


Typical Sialk Art 5,000BC

10 years girl 5,500 in Sialk

Top of the Sialk Ziggurat

sialk Ziggurat 3,000BC

Sialk Ziggurat 3,000 BC

Sialk zigguarat in 5,000 years ago